Jump-start your summer with a deep-dive into the
first half of the Digital Strategy School program.


Evolve your business by moving from
Designer to Digital Strategist.

Build your expertise, confidence, and revenue by transforming your clients’ websites into more profitable ecosystems. Create more value for your clients and increase your own bottom line.

Attract (better) clients that trust your expertise

Provide more profitable insights for your clients

Create your own proprietary strategic process

Communicate with your clients more confidently

Earn higher revenues on your projects

Run your own business more strategically

Mini Mastermind Program

Starts June 6, 2016

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 Take YEARS off your learning curve.

Take control of your design business, and move from
Pixel Pusher to Trusted Advisor.

online program / mentorship / community

You’re a designer, highly skilled at your craft, but you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and constantly hustling for new leads (or you can barely handle what’s already on your plate!). You know the digital landscape is rapidly changing, and as competition increases, the new designer must be versatile, collaborative, and skilled in solving a broad range of complex problems.


In this online mentorship program, you’ll learn how to run a more strategic design business.

Get ready to take on a leadership role with your clients, run your business with more confidence, and learn how to integrate digital strategy into your workflow. You’ll get a sneak peak at how other established business owners run their design projects from start to finish, with insights into building (and improving) your client base, managing clients, scoping projects and proposals, budgeting and scheduling, streamlining your work processes, and understanding how to position yourself in the market.

Success doesn’t come overnight.
But I know I can help you shave a few years off your learning curve! 


“This proposal template alone is worth all the gold and piece of mind in the world.
You are magic.” - Amanda Farough, violetminded

Summer School covers modules 1-6 of Digital Strategy School

Each module consists of 3-5 in-depth sub topics. Get ready to dive in deep!

Business Audit

Introduction, auditing your business, setting goals, and laying the foundation for big shifts in your business.


Understand how to clearly and confidently define your position in the market. Rework your copy, portfolio, services and products.


Learn how to identify and work with your ideal clients, attract better leads, and manage expectations like a pro.


Shift your money mindset. Get real about your revenue planning and get comfortable pricing your services.


Learn how to scope and price projects, and develop a proposal that both delights your clients and increases your bottom line.


Map your process and customer journey, and learn how to optimize your workflow, reduce scope creep, and increase your productivity.


Introduction to digital strategy for small businesses, what you should include in a strategy, and what it means to think like a strategist.



Three ways to join:

Prices listed are in $US.
Calls are available for booking until Aug 31 2016.



Content + Community
$225/mo x 3 months
  • Access to 6 modules, worksheets and challenges released weekly
  • Sample Templates + Documentation
  • Access to the Private DSS Slack Group 
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Content + Support
$295/mo x 3 months
  • Access to 6 modules, worksheets and challenges released weekly
  • Sample Templates + Documentation
  • 1-hr Mentorship session (+ email support)
  • Access to the Private DSS Slack Group 
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What’s possible with a mentorship session? We can work together on anything from identifying skill and process gaps, to re-working your proposals, to clarifying your positioning. Mentorship can get you out of your head with a clear path for moving forward. I meet you where you are, and get you moving past your stuck-ness.   



How do I know which level is right for me?

If you are self-motivated, and prefer a do-it-yourself approach, the self-guided version will be great for you. You’ll learn a lot, get access to all of my templates, and get access to the Slack group where you can connect with and learn from other designers.

If you are looking for real, significant shifts in your your business, join us in the Mastermind. This is a totally hands-on offering, where I devote my time and energy to a small group of designers, helping them level up in every aspect of their business. It’s also safe community where designers of all levels can get input on their projects and business practices, gain strategic insights from the group, and have honest and judgement-free conversations (whatever level you’re at in your business). You’ll get specific insights tailored to your business, and the supportive community to help you meet your goals this year and beyond.


When will the Mastermind be offered again?

Digital Strategy School will commence again September 2016, and again in January 2017.

How long will I have access to the materials/Slack?

You will have ongoing access to the materials and Slack group– your access does not expire!


Can I upgrade to a mastermind offering if I've already taken DSS?

Yes you can. Just send me an email and I’ll get you signed up!

Why only 6 modules?

The first 6 modules of Digital Strategy School are the most foundational modules; the ones that apply to every design business owner. They’re also the ones geared at growth and big change. Most students have experienced the most impact through the first 6 modules, while modules 7-12 are more about levelling up your process with advanced tools. (You can always upgrade later – but the big shifts will happen in 1-6!) 

Also, these are not fluffy modules. They are dense and action-oriented; prepare for a deep dive!

How does it work?

You’ll get access to Module 1 immediately upon payment, though the course officially begins on June 6th. If you purchase a plan with a mentorship option, you’ll receive my booking link to book your sessions whenever you need them (they expire Aug 31, 2016).

If you purchase the mastermind option, you’ll receive more detail in order to provide your availability for group (video) calls, which will occur monthly starting June 2016. There will be a limit of 5 students per group to ensure everyone has some dedicated time to focus on their business. 

Not sure if the program is right for you? Just email me.

Hi, I’m Marie.

I help designers build more effective businesses—for both themselves and their clients.

With an Honours Bachelor of Design, a (forth-coming) Specialization in Design Thinking + Innovation, and over a decade of working experience at both small digital agencies agencies and as a self-employed interactive designer and digital strategist, I’ve learned a few things… the hard way. I’ve transitioned from fumbling freelancer to successful business owner by refining my business systems and processes, expanding my community, and focusing on creating strategic value for my clients. When you create exceptional value for your clients, you command higher rates and make yourself a more valuable asset. Let me help you get there faster.

When I’m not working directly with clients and other designers, I collaborate with my partner Ben on our web application Doki: a tool designed to help entrepreneurs create, market, and deliver online courses with ease.


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